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Friday, May 21, 2010

Field Tripping to the Hard Bargain Farm

Okay, I count myself as so very lucky to have been able to attend almost every one of Jackson's field trips this year. It was so cute when they assigned me my group to watch and J got a touch pissy when I held another kid's hand too long and beam pride when someone said I was 'so cool'. The novelty has worn off and the honeymoon of stay-at-home-mom land is over. He asked me "not to talk quite so much [to him] if you don't mind" and "I can't sit next to Brody on the bus because I have to take care of you" and "Mama, since when is it funny to pretend you got stuck in the cow gate and turned into a hamburger" and "Ha ha Mom, I hope no one's mother actually died under a falling tree because you're gonna feel pretty dumb."

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