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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Keeping it in Perspective

Approximately an hour prior to this conversation we discussed, loudly, that he didn't need to watch a movie just because it was raining.  I had meant  (at that time, several weeks ago)  it is nice to have movie days when it raining outside and too wet to play.
Me:  I'm not mad right now, I just need you to clean it up.  Leaving the water all over the kitchen and hiding is the problem.  One of us could really have hurt ourselves.
A: Okay Mama.
Me:  You need a lot of towels.
A: I can't find any.
Me:  Here are some from the bathroom.
You need to do the whole floor please.  Don't forget over here on the other side of the stove.
A: Okay.
Me:  Augustus, the problem here is that when I came through the kitchen I was walking very quickly.  I fell & I could have hurt my leg or foot really badly.
A: mmmmmhhhhmmm
Me:  Augustus look at me.  If your or my foot was hurt really bad, we couldn't walk on it and we'd have to do things all day that were sitting down.  No dog walks, no tag, no park, no trampoline, no bowling.
Augie: Ohhh .... for a bit of a long time?
Me: Yip
A: I bet I'd get to watch me some tv then, sheesh.
The last part was said with a touch of Clay Davis.

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