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Friday, November 20, 2009

A Quick JE

Jackie boy, here's your snack, give me five minutes to finish what I'm doing and when your done with your snack I want to hear about outdoor classroom today.
Is this the only kind of yogurt I can have?
Baby, can you give me 5 minutes of quiet time so that I can finish writing?  
Sure, when you're done can you make me a paper airplane?  
Of course my heart, just give me a second to wrap this up.  
Okay [STOP] did you use my treasure map today because it's on the stairs?  
No baby, you had it there this morning when you and your brother were playing . . . give me a second.  
You know I think I need to make two airplanes actually so that you can fly one and I can fly one when you're done. . . .[no answer] . . .Mom let me just show you one thing, Mom, can you hear me?  Mama.  
Jackson, please.  
Sorry mama.  [STOP] Can I have something else to eat?
Go get an apple.
[Disappears into the kitchen for 8 - 12 seconds]  What kind of apples are these?
I'm going to the bathroom.
Okay Jackson.
I thought you were going to get strawberry apples this time.
Wash your hands with soap Jackson.
What kind of apples are these?
Macintosh Jackson.  Go rinse it under the faucet before you eat it.
I don't want to.
[Evil Mama look]
Okay.  Are you going to make me a paper airplane?
[I, Mama, give my first born child the finger behind his back as he walks into the kitchen to get the construction paper.]  
Are you hearing me Mama?  MAMA.
[Napping baby from other room] . . Mama?

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