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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Drama Queen

Me: "Didn't I tell you? Shannon's having a girl!" My 6 year old: "At least someone is giving me what I ask for. From you I just got him." (Dirty look thrown across the room towards little brother.)

Jackson: "Mama, I think everyone should be a chicken for a day."

Office at St. Phillips Church: "Jackson's stomach is really upset and he's having sharp pains. Can you pick him up early from CCD?"
Jackson walks in the door: "Whew, it's a good thing that didn't last too long right Mama? You want to play baseball in the yard or should I ask Dad?"

Lady in the thrift store: "You're really smart Jax you must be the smartest kid in your class." Jackson: "Not really, we're pretty much all really smart." Lady: "That's a really good answer." Jackson: "Would be kind of stupid to say it any other way."

Augie: "Can I sleep in Jackson's room?" Jackson: "Are you going to answer him Mama?" Me: "Well it's up to you baby, it's your room. It's Spring Break and there's no school tomorrow so I'm not really enforcing many rules tonight." Jackson: "I don't have school tomorrow and Mom said no rules Dad so why can't I play my DS? Patrick: "Well, if Mom says it's OK, I guess." Jackson (clutching his Dad's waist in a full body embrace): "Dad, you're the best Dad ever and I love you so much." Patrick: "Jackson it was really your Mom." Jackson (still hugging Patrick tightly): "Yeah OK thanks I guess Ma."
I am donkey piss and he is a drama queen.

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  1. Well at least your my donkey piss Maybe jackson nickmane should be dq